Storytellers, first and always

At Scribewise, the words come first.

Not the tech. Not the tactics. The words.

Because you need words to tell your story, and the story drives everything. Because when the story is right and everybody buys in, it changes the trajectory of your company. And that should be marketing’s goal—to change the trajectory.

So, while it’s tempting to dive straight into creating blog posts, or eBooks or maybe even GIFs for your social feeds, we’re going to start by finding the right words to tell your company’s story.

And then we’ll discuss blogs and eBooks and whitepapers and social channels and marketing automation platforms and video and whatever else makes sense. We know all about those tactics because it’s our job to know about them.

But the story needs to come first.

Consider us a story-driven agency—your partner in crafting and promoting your story to create a deeper connection with your customers. We’re writers, storytellers and strategists who just happen to know a thing or two about marketing.

Your story is your strategy. Some will consider a storytelling approach to business to be soft but, well, they’re wrong. No offense.

Research tells us that storytelling is the most efficient way to get people’s brains working, and that’s what good branding should do. When we get people thinking, we get them to remember, and we begin to create an emotional connection—pretty much mandatory before anyone buys anything these days.

It starts with understanding those customers.

When we start, that’s what we dig in to—what are the audience’s information needs? What are their content consumption habits? And where are the gaps in the content marketplace that we can help you to fill so that you reach your goals?

Learn more about our approach to brand strategy.

So many agencies focus on tactics. They say they can run social media for you, or that they’ll handle media relations … but you’ve got to supply the content. Or, they’ll say they can create content and then turn it over to some junior copywriter who comes back with dreck. Bad times.

We know the content is the hard part. So that’s our focus. Without great content that appeals to and attracts your audience, you’re hosed. Our team of experienced storytellers and strategists excels at finding great stories and telling those stories in compelling ways.

Learn more about the types of content we create.

Reporters are busy. Media companies are understaffed. And the demand for great content is only increasing.

This reality is an opportunity. Guess who can help you capitalize?

We have great media connections. More than that, we understand how newsrooms work, and what they’re looking for.

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Fact: Your customers are on social media. But here’s another fact: Just being there isn’t enough. You need to have a method to this social media madness. Otherwise, you could spend every hour of every day on social media. After all, who hasn’t spent an afternoon tweetathon venturing down one rabbit hole after the next? But we suspect that isn’t going to be good for business when all is said and done.

We can help you avoid the social media time suck and help you grow your audience and business. It’s about being strategic and efficient.

Our social media team works with you to determine the most effective path to success, including what channels to use, what content to post and how we’re going to grow your community.

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