Scribewise is a content-first digital agency.

Content is at the core of everything we do for our clients, but it isn’t all we do. The goal is not to simply create content. It’s to help you create a tighter connection with your customers and prospects.

We build better relationships through high-quality, audience-focused content.

Every marketing initiative should include these four pillars:

Your story is your strategy. And that strategy begins with understanding everything we possibly can about your audience. What are their information needs? What are their content consumption habits? And where are the gaps in the content marketplace that we can help you to fill so that you reach your goals?

But strategy can’t just be set it and forget it. We have an insatiable desire to analyze how things are going so that we can improve on them. And we suspect that aligns with what’s being asked of you – the CEO wants proof that what you’re doing is working. We’ll help you determine the right metrics to track, we’ll track them for you, and then – and this is the best part – we’ll use that learning to improve what we’re doing.

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So many agencies focus on tactics. They say they can run social media for you, or that they’ll handle media relations… but you’ve got to supply the content. Or, they’ll say they can create content and then turn it over to some junior copywriter who comes back with dreck. Bad times.

Well, we know the content is the hard part. So that’s our focus. Without great content that appeals to and attracts your audience, you’re hosed. Our team of experienced journalists and strategists excels at finding great stories and telling those stories in compelling ways.

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Our agency also focuses on creating the optimal content experience for your customers, whether that’s a microsite, an infographic or some other treatment that helps your content land with impact.

We can create fabulous content and publish it on your website and guess what? No one will ever see it. Okay, maybe some people will see it… but the point is that you must focus on promoting and distributing your content for it to have maximum impact. We help you do that.

Our team is made up of former journalists. Sure, that means we know how to create content, but it also means we understand how newsrooms work. Trust us – they’re quirky places. Knowing what makes them tick gives us a leg up when it comes to promoting your brand.

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Social media for social media’s sake is not the right approach. The purpose of social media for any business is to build stronger connections with your audience. Firing out a bunch of tweets about every topic under the sun is not going to accomplish that.

So, let’s slow down and be thoughtful about this. We can help.

Our social media team works with you to determine the most effective path to success, including what channels to use, what content to post, and how we’re going to grow your community.

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