In my last post, I wrote about the difference between social media and content. While the two obviously go together, they ain’t the same. In fact, social media becomes an empty experience if there is not content to make it more fulfilling for your intended target.

And then, soon after my post, our friends and partners at Hubspot came out with this great new slide deck Social Media Is A Lot Like Sex. And the analogy comes all the way back around. If social media is sex, then content is the “love” that cements the relationship you’re building.

Social media can be great fun. But after a while you’re going to get bored. You’re going to wonder is that all there is?  As a business, you’re looking to build relationships with clients that last a long, long time. You need to nurture those relationships to make it happen and that means you need to give a little. As the folks at Hubspot say, you need to “make it as good for her as it is for you.” But most businesses are acting like horny teenagers – “Everyone talks about it. Everyone wants to do it. No one knows how.”

So spread the love. Get a content strategy.

Here’s the full Hubspot deck Social Media Is A Lot Like Sex.