Social Media

You’ve been told that you have to use social media, so you are. But there are plenty of days when it seems like you’re working awfully hard and it’s not really bringing in any business. On top of that, creating enough quality content to keep your feeds on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter interesting seems impossible.

Good news—lots of companies are feeling the same way. Better news—we can help you fix that.

We help you step back and figure out the why of your social media channels. Why are you using social media to accomplish your goals? Why are these the right channels for you to interact with your community?

It Begins with Social Listening

Before you speak, you must listen. Otherwise, you run the risk of your company being that obnoxious know-it-all. Blech.

Social listening helps you understand what your customers care about, as well as what they think about you. We use a variety of tools to monitor your industry conversations, brand sentiment and customer feedback. Once we’ve wrapped our arms around the larger context, we can build the strategy that will get you where you want to go, i.e., the top of the heap.

Social Content Creation

It’s been said that social media is like a cocktail party, which means you need to walk into the room with something to say. But it’s not enough to simply have something to say; you need it to be impactful, to the move the needle. That is, you need thoughtful, thought-provoking content that will engage the audience.

That means tweets, posts, visuals and video—our team produces high-quality content that our clients’ customers just can’t get enough of. We’ll create social posts to position you as a go-to source for industry information, and build trust with your customers and prospects.

Community Management

OK, cool, we’ve got all that great content … now what?

It’s time to engage your customers and prospects. If you need us, we’re there to help you have these conversations, turn them into relationships, and then … who knows?

We begin by building a blueprint for success. The blueprint includes a social content calendar and identifies relevant keywords, hashtags, and influencers. Once this is set, we begin execution, populating your channels with relevant and valuable content, interacting with your audience and creating a level of conversation that carries your brand forward.

Paid Social

The reality is that to truly have an impact, you need to pour fuel on the social media fire. That means paid campaigns on social media.

That’s when your audience grows exponentially.

That’s when your voice rises above the others.

Our social media team excels at targeting your audience to ensure that the right people in the right location see your social content at the right time. We’re on top of all the social networks algorithm changes as they happen—so we’re always optimizing the performance of your social efforts.

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