Social Media

You’ve been told that you have to use social media, so you are. But creating enough quality content to keep your feeds on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter interesting seems impossible. So, like many other organizations, you’re flailing away at this seemingly impossible task, flitting from focusing on business one day to weighing in on the Oscars the next. Your audience probably doesn’t know what to think of you.

So, stop.

We help you step back and figure out why. What are the goals you’re trying to accomplish on social media? What social platforms are the best channels for you to interact with your community in the proper way?

It begins with social listening

Before you speak, you must listen. Social media has been likened to a cocktail party, and no one likes the blowhard that bursts into every conversation.

Social listening helps you understand what your customers care about, and as well as what they think about you. We use a variety of tools to monitor your industry conversations, brand sentiment and customer feedback.

Social content creation

If social media is like a cocktail party, you can’t show up with nothing to say. And yet, that’s exactly what a lot of brands do – they join social networks, but then don’t have any way to create the mountains of content required to engage with their audience.

That means tweets, posts, visuals and video – our team produces high quality content that our client’s customers can’t get enough of.

Our team is skilled at efficiently tailoring posts for specific platforms so your organization not only participates the conversation, but leads it. We’ll help position you as a go-to source for industry information, and build trust with your customers and prospects.

Community management

First, we plan, knowing that while planning is essential, plans are useless. This plan helps us to envision a path to success, but we readily acknowledge and anticipate that external events will require us to adjust on the fly. This plan includes building a social content calendar and identifying relevant keywords, hashtags, and influencers.

We’ll populate your channels with relevant and valuable content, interact with your audience and create a level of conversation that carries your brand forward.

Paid social

To truly have an impact, you need to pour fuel on the social media fire. That means paid campaigns on social media. That’s when your audience grows exponentially. That’s when your voice rises above the others.

Our social media team excels at targeting your audience to ensure that the right people in the right location see your social content at the right time.