We Don’t Have All the Answers; We Have All the Questions.

Our journalistic curiosity drives our discovery session with you. It’s all about the questions we ask, and the way we uncover your organization’s stories. We’re certainly not the first people to suggest you “start with why,” but we do promise to pound the table to keep pushing and find the right answer.

Why is the starting point of your strategy. Asking why – and answering the question – ensures goals are enunciated and understood. With this foundation established, we can begin to design the best strategy to accomplish them.

Getting started

We begin every engagement with our proprietary Content Boot Camp, an in-depth kickoff meeting built upon our journalistic approach to understanding the audience and uncovering stories. We probe deeply into the essence of your business, build buyer persona profiles with you, discuss your sales funnel, uncover narrative opportunities and specific story tracks, and complete our Editorial Brief.

Buyer persona profiles

From why, we move on to understanding your audience – how do your customers and prospects consume information? What, where and when? It’s vital that we build an understanding of the audience – knowing them will enable us to have the best possible impact for you.

We delve into the demographics of your audience, but also the psychographics. What makes them tick? What is going to move them?

The Editorial Brief

The Editorial Brief is a living document – a game plan for content creation that reflects your value proposition, brand, business goals and the ongoing conversation in your industry. It is the foundation for dynamic content development and delivery to your targeted audience. The Editorial Brief reflects your organization’s style and personality.

By staying within the parameters established in the Editorial Brief and maintaining our focus on key themes – politicians call it message discipline – we will carve out a market position for you and demonstrate your thought leadership in the category.

The Hard Work of Creating Something Simple

The goal is to create something simple. Simple for the audience to engage with. Simple for you to execute. Getting there isn’t easy, but our established process for developing your strategy is a roadmap to success.