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Have you heard? Solution Selling is out. Challenger Sales—the approach that leans on leading your prospective customer to a new way of thinking—is in. For B2B tech companies, it works. And it just might be the best case for content marketing for B2B technology organizations.

We’ve heard more than one VP of Sales at a tech company say, “If we don’t tell everyone how great we are, who will?” But that’s the wrong question—honestly, who cares about that? The question should be, “How do we sell more stuff?” And it’s pretty obvious that crowing about your awesomeness is not the answer.

According to LinkedIn, B2B tech buyers want educational material that challenges them and helps them stay ahead of the curve. So that’s what you should give them.

Content marketing is the perfect complement to Challenger Sales.

Let’s discuss this Challenger Sales thing. The most effective salespeople are the ones who challenge their customers, bringing them new ideas, getting them thinking, and getting them to embrace new ways of approaching their work. Content marketing—the creation and distribution of journalistic, helpful, audience-focused material that ultimately increases customer acquisition —does precisely this. It brings new ideas to the forefront. It’s thought provoking. It is NOT salesy.

Content marketing, done well, brings new ideas and thought-provoking insights to your prospects and customers. It’s pretty much a perfect fit with the goals of Challenger Sales, and it fills a gap that most technology firms are struggling to fill.

Technology marketers need to be relentless advocates for the buyer.

We’re guessing you have plenty of content already. But we’re also guessing that it’s generally slanted towards sales collateral. That’s cool—you need those things. But you can’t lead with them; you’ll bore your prospects to tears.

To drive those prospects through the fabled sales funnel, you need what we call audience-focused content. This is content—blog posts, social posts, whitepapers, and eBooks—that is helpful to the client. Stuff that makes them think, and maybe even reconsider how they’re conducting business.

But more than anything, the goal of your content marketing should be to build trust with those prospects.

Technology professionals are ravenous consumers of content.

If you work in technology, you know that this is a career that demands continuous learning. You need to keep up to date with the latest trends and innovations—you either keep learning or you start stagnating, then you fall behind and then … well, it gets ugly.

A study by LinkedIn demonstrates this appetite for information.

  • A whopping 30 percent of technology professionals listen to podcasts (compared to 14 percent of other professionals)
  • 30 percent regularly download whitepapers
  • 70 percent follow a recognized industry expert

They want the latest information. They want to be challenged. This is your opportunity.

Infographic: Content Fuels Technology Sales

This infographic explains the need for high quality customer-focused content to fuel challenger sales initiatives and help grow technology businesses.