Technology Content Marketing

The ongoing transition from Solution Selling to Challenger Sales is perhaps the best case for content marketing for B2B technology companies.

Challenger Sales has emerged as a far more effective selling methodology because of the reality that B2B tech buyers don’t want product-oriented marketing collateral from you anymore; what they want is educational material that challenges them and helps them stay ahead of the curve.

According to a study by LinkedIn, 78 percent of IT buyers require education to sustain or make a change to their IT ecosystem.

Content marketing is the perfect complement to Challenger Sales.

The most effective sales people today are those that challenge their customers. They bring new ideas to their customers, get them thinking, and get them to embrace new ways of approaching their work. Content marketing – the creation and distribution of journalistic, helpful, audience-focused material that ultimately increases customer acquisition – does precisely this. It brings new ideas to the forefront, and it is not salesy.

The goal of content marketing is to bring new ideas and though-provoking insights to your prospects and customers. It aligns perfectly with the philosophy of challenger sales, and fills a gap that most technology firms are struggling to fill.

Technology marketers need to be relentless advocates for the buyer.

Most tech companies have plenty of content, but it is generally slanted towards sales collateral. All of this sales material can create an understanding of the company’s value proposition, both inside and outside the company. However, whether it’s actually driving prospective customers along the sales funnel is another matter entirely.

Most of this content from tech companies is very product-oriented. That’s useful when you get to the bottom of the sales funnel and the prospect is in deep consideration mode… but it’s useless when you’re trying to establish thought leadership, build trust, and attract prospects to the top of the funnel.

Technology professionals are ravenous consumers of content.

If you work in technology, you know that this is a career that demands continuous learning. Technology pros need to keep up to date with the latest trends and innovations, and to do so they are constantly in search of good information. A study by LinkedIn demonstrates this appetite. Consider that:

  • A whopping 30 percent of technology professionals listen to podcasts (compared to 14 percent of other professionals)
  • 30 percent regularly download whitepapers
  • 70 percent follow a recognized industry expert

This openness to new information and commitment to being challenged in their thinking is an opportunity for B2B tech firms to educate their prospects and customers.