Technology Industry

Content Marketing for technology

If you work in marketing at a technology firm, we bet you’re creating a lot of content. A lot. Tech companies tend to churn out sales collateral like they get paid by the word. And this is good—to a point. All of this sales material can create an understanding of the company’s value proposition, both inside and outside the company. However, whether it’s actually driving prospective customers along the sales funnel is another matter entirely.

Most technology content we see is very product-oriented. That’s useful when you get to the bottom of the sales funnel and the prospect is in deep consideration mode… but it’s useless when you’re trying to establish thought leadership, build trust, and attract prospects to the top of the funnel.

We can help you fix this.

We’re relentless advocates for your audience. We know that if we can help you deliver content they want, you’ll ultimately get what you want: more sales.

Scribewise understands technology

With our 40+ combined years of working with technology companies, we’re comfortable digging in to the details of how your solution works, the problem it solves for the customer, and how best to tell that story. Technology purchase decisions are not made lightly, and that makes it imperative that you earn the prospects’ trust.

Despite this, descriptions of technology services and products tend to be inward looking. Engineers focus on features rather than benefits, the “what” rather than the “why.” In other words, not what people outside your walls are looking for.

Unlike most agencies, we come at this from the other direction. Before we can tell your story, we need to understand your audience – their wants and habits, what keeps them up at night and what they really don’t care to spend any time working on. Once we know the audience, we can uncover and unleash the expertise your company has, creating content that changes the game – content that tells your prospects what they need to know, not simply what you want to tell them.

Technology content that powers sales

We believe in doing the hard work to make your complex offering simple to understand.

The buyer’s journey [LINK] has changed. Today, the customer is in control. The most successful organizations understand this. They create and deliver content that nurtures the prospect along on their specific buyer’s journey. We help you do this.

The content we create can power all your communications channels – your website, your email newsletters, your social media and media relations.