When marketing chiefs decide to pursue content marketing, they often have to redefine the roles of their marketing team. Too often, the people working in a traditional marketing department are not the right people to carry out a content marketing initiative.

This does not mean that you have to fire everyone and start over. What you do have to do is create a team that has the ability to think differently than the way they used to. The group must be willing to change the old muscle memory of selling first, and instead reorient the organization to be relentless advocates for the audience.

To succeed, you need some different skills on the team.

Based upon where content marketing is today and where things are headed, here are the five professionals you need to build your content marketing dream team:


Content marketing is fueled by storytelling, and journalists typically make the best storytellers. For starters, they’re curious, an excellent quality for those who want to work in content marketing. Journalists have a natural inclination to put the audience first, even ahead of their own organization. The best content marketing is relentlessly devoted to the audience; consequently, having journalists on the team creates that “audience-first lens” that content marketing teams must have in order to succeed.

Additionally, journalists are comfortable interviewing sources, have strong writing skills and are always seeking the more interesting and compelling “story behind the story.” They can help your team brainstorm ideas, find the right people to talk to and complete the important act of actually crafting the content.

Community manager

This is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades position focused on a number of tactics for promoting and distributing your content. While this job may encompass public relations and SEO, the primary focus is on social media management – not just promoting and distributing your content, but engaging with and building a community to keep the audience coming back for more.

Your community manager can also assist the team by serving as a listening post for what the industry-wide conversation is focused on, and in which direction it is heading.

Graphic designer

As anyone can tell you, there is a ton of content out there. Too much, in fact. When your customers turn to the internet to educate themselves on what they want to buy, they’re going to have a lot of content choices. They’ll naturally turn to the content that is easiest to consume, that offers them the best content experience. A good graphic designer can help to build images, charts and graphs, and make sure that you are always on brand and delivering your message in a consistent visual language.

Video producer

YouTube is the second largest search engine, and social media tools like Instagram and Periscope gaining in popularity, making video a hotter skill now than ever before. A professional who knows how to manage the video creation process from concept to execution to editing and packaging, is a valuable asset to a content marketing team.

Data analyst

Lastly, we implore you to focus on data storytelling. If you’re merely mimicking what everyone else is producing, you’ll never rise above the crowd. However, the surest way to create original, one-of-a-kind content is to focus on data. Focus on your proprietary data and turn it into compelling stories. Focus on primary and secondary research to tell stories that no one else is telling.

Having a data analyst on the team – not necessarily a full-fledged data scientist, but someone who can interpret the numbers and understand how to turn those digits into compelling audience-focused narratives – puts you in the top tier of marketing teams. A data analyst can also face inward and help to determine what is working for your team and what isn’t. In a world in which marketing departments are being pushed to keep score, having a data analyst on your content marketing team will help to ensure that you succeed.