All hail the mighty gods known as Spellcheck and Grammarcheck, who exist solely for the purpose of catching our silly or unknown mistakes in the content we distribute to our friends, bosses, and the ever-judging public.

Yes, they are wonderful, superhuman wordsmith tools. But have you become another blind follower and forgotten your own ability to proofread?

Let’s take a peek at some real-life examples of copy-gone-wild:

Macy’s Sales Ad (the sale price was supposed to be $479.)

University of Texas’ School of Public Affairs Commencement Program

Granted, many mistakes often go unnoticed and not every typo will be broadcast all over the Internet. Face it, we’re all guilty of the occasional spelling mistakes, horrible grammar, and jumbled sentence structures (we’re looking at you too, And during times when the pressure is on, you’ll do whatever it takes just to make sure that content is distributed on time—but at what cost?

Editing your content is as vital as writing it in the first place, and for good reason:

1. Proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar offer credibility. How can you not seem like a fool when you refer to your School of Public Affairs as a School of Pubic Affairs—especially when such a glaring typo would have been caught during one more careful review. Of course, you might overlook the same mistake more than once. But this is why having someone else read your copy is crucial to the editing process (preferably someone with an eagle eye for spelling and grammar). Some people even earn a living off of editing copy! 

2. Typos also have a way of making your brand look sloppy. If you confuse “they’re” with “their” those who notice might also wonder if your company makes other careless mistakes in other areas of the business, which is the last thing you want.  If you’re fully concentrated on your work and are invested in everything you do, it will show. Otherwise, it seems as though you quickly published content for the sake of getting it out there. Being meticulous or anal gets a bad rep, but in this line of work, it’s necessary. Part of making sure your brand looks together and fine-tuned.

3. In some cases, these errors can also cause mass chaos for both a company and a consumer. Consider Macy’s massive snafu, and the money they lost when the masses invaded their local stores and bought out their entire stock of necklaces. Or even worse cases, when a small typo caused a man to wrongfully lose his home.

Yes, mistakes do happen. We make them all the time—which is all the more reason to review your work one final time. Take advantage of your team and help each other out to further the goal of presenting your brand in a fabulous way. It’s important to strive for perfection, especially when others will notice those blatant typo fails. But if you work towards it, it will show, and we’ll finally be able to read happily.

Although these typos do make a great story.