This past year, plenty of B2B companies embraced the idea of content marketing – and that is awesome. We can thank some of the industry’s biggest thought leaders who explained the importance of content marketing and outlined why [great and effective] content really is the foundation of all marketing.

So now that we know content marketing matters and we’ve taken the plunge into building out an effective content marketing strategy (or we are currently tackling our strategic planning), what else do we need to consider? What will be the big B2B content consideration for 2015?

Metaphorically speaking, in 2014 we built the frame and laid the bricks. So that means for 2015, we have to add the mortar and get into the details and ensure everything aligns. Now is time to get down to the objectives and tactics and really figure out what works and what doesn’t – and that means we need to seek diversity in execution.

As companies embrace a content marketing initiative, they get laser-focused on blogs or infographics and begin to test the waters. The problem is, too often they get stuck in their “testing” mode and stick to one form of content without ever venturing beyond. They forget about all the other content opportunities, and therefore neglect to capitalize on the many content opportunities along the customer journey.

Well, that happens up until marketers get bored and finally realize something needs to change. So, instead of waiting for the boredom to set in, for 2015, focus on this keyword:


Outline the customer journeys and compare these journeys to the sales funnel model. Look for crossover and identify opportunities. By doing this, you can create a more varied approach to content, one that aligns strategic and varied content types with the opportunities. This will generate a more favorable ROI on each content asset.

Another top strategy that goes hand-in-hand with diversity is repurposing. Most (if not everyone) involved in any part of the content marketing strategy will have heard this phrase over and over again; unfortunately, many don’t practice it.

Repurposing content may be the most overlooked strategy. It directly lends itself to diversifying. By creating one piece of content, breaking it down into sections, and using those portions by reformatting (e.g., taking a whitepaper and turning it into a series of blog posts, an infographic, and a short video) you can create an entire library of content. It may sound complicated, but it can be fairly simple, and it’s the easiest way to get more bang for your buck.

So, for 2015, don’t get stuck. Don’t wait until your content strategies stop working to try new ones. Instead, diversify and repurpose and you will solve the two of the three biggest B2B content marketing challenges.