Let’s be honest – there’s a lot of nitwit followerism (I just made up a word!) on social media. Most marketing people will tell you that you have to be on social media, but that’s about as far as these strategic thinkers go. They’re blindly following the trend of the moment with no thought as to how you’ll execute that social media strategy.

Just because a lot of celebrities are doing something, or Dunkin’ Donuts is doing something, or there’s a big audience (that might not necessarily be your audience) doesn’t mean that it’s the right fit for your business. For instance, for some business, Facebook is where their audience is and Twitter would be a waste of time.

Usually, making this decision is simply a matter of applying common sense. And so it is with Pinterest. The upside of Pinterest is obvious – it’s a great demographic, it’s growing fast and, as I’m sure you’ve read, it’s driving traffic to other websites at a record pace.

But that doesn’t mean Pinterest is right for your organization. Here’s the one question you need to answer: Are you selling something visual?

That’s it. A simple yes or no. If you have a visual offering – clothing, food, furniture, cars, etc. – you’re insane to not be on Pinterest. If you’re a professional services firm, not so much. I suppose you could, as an example, be an aviation lawyer and pin photos of cool airplanes to demonstrate your expertise, but I’d counsel you that you’re most likely wasting your time.

I met yesterday with a bright young entrepreneur who has a really smart fast food concept. He has one location and is killing it; the future looks bright. He’s built a tremendous audience on Facebook and Twitter, but hasn’t dipped his toe into Pinterest just yet. His business has beautiful looking food and better yet, is custom-made to appeal to the female demographic that is obsessed with Pinterest.

So, yes, he’ll be on Pinterest soon.

How about you?