So, here’s the thing: At some point, we’re going to have to trust each other.

Really, it’s what we both want.  You want to work with a partner that has your best interests at heart, that isn’t out to just squeeze money out of you, and that can deliver awesome content that helps you to market your business.

We’re looking for clients that are willing to believe in us, who have confidence that we will steer them in the right direction, and who understand that looking over our shoulder every step of the way is not a good incentive for us. We want clients that understand the new imperative to build an audience they can own so they can stop relying on a rented audience for their marketing.

We want to consider your team and our team to be a “we.” We want to be on the same side – not adversaries, something that brands and agencies frequently are.

So, how do we build that trust?

Of course, it happens over time as we get to know each other and work together. But before that, content is what makes it happen. That’s why we do what we do, and that’s why we put our money where our mouth is – by creating content with a purpose of helping you consider the world of content marketing – and why it’s become the best way to market a brand, how you can approach your own efforts and what works.

But this isn’t just about you and us. It’s also about you and your customers. How will you build trust with them?

Here’s a quick overview of how our outsourced newsroom operates.

(Oh, and by the way, trust is a must-have in this new era of business. If your customers and prospects don’t trust you in this “world is flat” age, they can go find someone else somewhere halfway around the globe and do business with them. You must have great, trust-based relationships.)

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Sure, we’re biased, but we believe the answer is content marketing. Audience-focused, helpful content. Usually, we’re talking about journalistic content, because we believe that delivers a higher level of credibility.

So, that’s what we’re trying to do here – show you that we understand the greater context, that we’re thinking about ways you can succeed before we ever meet you. It’s why we continue to create content focused on helping you think about how you can create stronger connections with your audience.

We want you to trust us, but we know that we can’t just ask you to do that. Trust must be earned. Hopefully, we’re earning it.

And even if we’re not, hopefully you understand that you have to earn it with your audience, and can figure out a way to do that.