As you may have seen, Starbucks recently announced that it’s launching a media company to produce longform documentaries about social issues the coffee company cares about. They’ve hired Rajiv Chandrasekaran away from the Washington Post to run the operation. This is exciting news in the world of content marketing.

Of course there are many questions to be answered about how this effort plays out. Contently’s The Content Strategist took a look at some of those questions, and I was pleased to be one of the folks they spoke with.

To me, the success or failure of the effort will ultimately come down to how they execute distribution. As I told reporter Aaron Taube:

“I think the intricacies of execution will be the hardest part,” Miller said. “Their distribution network is their stores, which is incredibly powerful, but I don’t know that anyone is going to sit in a Starbucks and watch a movie. And maybe they’re not intending that to be their distribution network. It’s not like they can’t afford to have ‘The Starbucks Movie Hour’ on whatever network they choose.”

Read the whole thing at The Content Strategist.