Whenever we talk about content marketing, we often point to the big guys as great examples of companies doing it right. We talk about the Cokes of the world, the Disneys, the Whole Foods. There’s nothing wrong with that; these companies are doing innovative things with their marketing. We should definitely look to them as role models.

But what about some smaller companies, right here in the Philadelphia region, where Scribewise is based? There are several brands in the City of Brotherly Love (and right outside of it) who understand a thing or two about lifestyle content marketing.

Get inspired by these three companies, using content marketing as a strategy to impact the bottom line and fulfill their organization’s missions.

1. Visit Philadelphia.

The region’s leisure tourism marketing agency has been doing content right before content marketing was even a buzzword. With a robust website (VisitPhilly.com), an award-winning blog (uwishunu.com), multiple social media channels, targeted content for various niches and more, Visit Philly is continuously sharing useful content with a massive audience to get them to take action and visit.

Let’s take a closer look at their blog uwishunu. The frequently-updated blog leverage all types of content styles from easy-to-follow roundups like “Tonight’s Picks” and “Weekend Picks,” along with shorter, dedicated posts about one specific event or exhibit. All posts include vibrant images (eye candy, people!) and is written in a uniquely Philly voice with just a little bit of sass.

2. Pet360.

We’ve written about these guys before. Located just outside the city, this Plymouth Meeting-based company bills itself as “the most comprehensive online resource for pet parents.” Combine adorable puppy and kitty photos with compelling stories, specific pet “parenting centers” and a shop full of pet products and you have a winning recipe for lifestyle content marketing success. Take a look at the company’s Facebook page: a combination of cute images (because come on, PUPPIES), videos and links back to stories on pet360.com allows the company to nurture a tightknit community of pet-loving parents. Oh, and every once in awhile, they promote a product they sell on their website, but guess what? You likely don’t even notice or mind you’re being sold to because you’re distracted by their other awesome and useful content.

3. QVC.

Another company based right outside the city in West Chester, QVC is doing big things when it comes to content. Once known as simply a home shopping channel on TV, this retail behemoth has shifted with the times and is now wildly successful online. Have you seen their Pinterest boards? With more than 100 boards and nearly 9,000 pins, QVC is meeting their target audience in a place where they already hang out. Right now on their Pinterest account, you’ll find seasonal favorites highlighted: Thanksgiving, Fall Beauty Trends and Fall Favorites are the first three boards listed when you come to the page, directing users to the most relevant content for them given the time of year. Oh, and while QVC is still a television channel, you won’t necessarily find them directing users there on their social media channels- instead they’re bringing that great TV content to social media, again, meeting users where they already are.

Know of any other awesome Philadelphia-based companies doing lifestyle content marketing right? We want to hear about ‘em!