In marketing, like most industries, if you’re not learning something new every day, you’re probably falling behind. The great news is there are a ton of resources available for marketers to read. The not-so-great news is that it can be difficult to know which publications are worth subscribing to, or even where you should begin.

Here are some of my favorite blogs and online magazines. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but rather a list of what I actually read on a daily or weekly basis.


Sorry for Marketing

Jay Acunzo writes this honest blog about content marketing. What drew me in was a post from last December called “How to Work in Marketing When You’re Bothered by Suck,” a post announcing Jay’s new brand he’s “building in public.” Since then I’ve subscribed to his newsletters, which are lengthy, but very useful and highly entertaining.  Last week’s newsletter included this thought-provoking post about chefs versus cooks in content marketing.

HubSpot Blog

HubSpot’s covered just about any marketing or content topic you can think of across their three blogs: Marketing, Sales, and Agency. Their posts are always well researched and well written, making this a go-to blog for just about any marketer trying to keep up with the industry. You’ll find posts that range from thought leadership on the future of SEO, to content promotion ideas, to tips on staying productive till the end of the day.

Velocity Partners’ Blog and Resources

The B2B Blog and Content for marketers areas on Velocity Partners’ website are full of incredibly honest, thought leadership on what we should and shouldn’t be doing as content marketers. I caught wind of the knowledge Creative Director Doug Kessler was dropping when I read Crap: the single biggest threat to B2B content marketing.

Content Marketing Institute Blog

This is the granddaddy of the content marketing industry. Content Marketing Institute is your place to gather news and resources about where the industry is headed. Their site is also the place to find resources on how to build a content strategy and tools and templates for your content program.

The Content Standard

Skyword’s blog caught my attention last week following this post on their long blog transformation over the last few years. The blog details how their team acts as both content marketers and editors of The Content Standard, and how it’s evolved since 2014.


MarketingProfs provides articles, podcasts, tutorials, and guides across content, advertising, email marketing, mobile, strategy, public relations, sales, and SEO/SEM, to name a few. You can brush up on creating a local PPC campaign or review benchmark data for content marketing agencies.



Beyond content- and B2B marketing-specific news, I try to keep up with publications that cover a broader swath of topics. Digiday focuses on tech, media, and culture news; you can find traditional news stories alongside analysis and in-depth reports. I also love reading Digiday on their actual site (as opposed to in Feedly) because they’ve got the TL;DR feature for article highlights.


A range of start-ups and established tech companies are covered on TechCrunch, a publication that’s been around since 2005. While the original founders have left and the site has changed ownership, it remains a source for the latest tech news.

Technically Philly (Local)

Technically Philly is our way of finding out what’s happening with Philadelphia’s growing tech scene, from start-up news, to how the city is incorporating technology to make Philly a better place to live.


Harvard Business Review (HBR)

HBR is a good resource when you need a little bit of motivation or want to learn how to be a better leader. HBR has been helping improve management practices since the mid 90’s. Start with their most popular articles section, or take a look at two of my favorite posts on productivity and late-night emails.


The web version of the small-business and entrepreneur magazine provides motivation, business news, and advice that can be helpful for anyone working in the business world. Topic areas like Grow, Innovate, and Lead provide articles to help businesspeople become stronger and more successful.