If someone were to question why you were paid or ask why you’re crazy and pretentious, chances are you’d probably be offended.

According to Google, however, that’s exactly how the majority of Google users perceive agencies, writers, and individuals whose professions are largely based on their creative ability.

During a small experiment with Google search’s autocomplete feature, employees at Digiday discovered a particularly negative pattern when searching terms related to agencies. And maybe it’s because I’m a marketer/writer/in the agency world myself, but I found the results to be pretty harsh. Here’s a glimpse at some of the responses, in italics:

  • Why are agencies…needed/created
  • Why are creative people… depressed/eccentric
  • Why are writers… so pretentious/crazy/weird
  • Why are art directors… paid
  • Why are designers… important
  • Why are developers… arrogant/grumpy
  • Why are project managers… useless/important
  • Why are marketers… interested in attitudes

Inspiring, isn’t it? 

While I’ll concede to the point that the search ‘Why are agencies needed’ shouldn’t be cause for alarm (After typing in ‘Why are accountants…’ and Why are electricians…’ into Google search, it autocompleted with the same response), there are some interesting nuggets to consider. Why? Because if you’re a writer or creative thinker who’s about to make a pitch to a potential client, you should know if your audience thinks you’re pretentious, crazy, useless, and most importantly, undeserving of pay. Client relations are a big part of agency life, and earning their respect and trust is paramount to success. And it all starts with understanding where they’re coming from and anticipating their questions.

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Your organization’s audience is smarter and savvier than ever before, and that continues to transform marketing and business in a variety of ways. As a result, creative minds and strategic marketing are essential to a brand’s survival. Every business needs the right team of individuals who can provide quality websites, written content, strategic planning, and more to attract and engage an audience. They need individuals who are well versed in the ways of social media to take charge of that strategy and execute it to their benefit.

Nowadays, it’s important that companies have the accountant who manages their assets and the marketing team/agency that promotes the business and increases consumer satisfaction and revenue.

It’s just a matter of convincing your boss (and the rest of the world) it’s important too.