Instagram is still a quickly growing social network. The app’s 500 million monthly users are posting pictures of more than just their perfectly framed lunches, and 76 percent of its usersscroll through their feeds of filtered photographs every day.

Instagram provides opportunity for B2C brands, sure. But it also provides a huge opportunity for B2B businesses to show what they’re up to and who they are.

B2B companies are slowly realizing that marketing doesn’t have to be completely devoid of emotion. Even if you’re selling to another business, you’re ultimately talking to other humans. And with millions of Instagram users who check their feeds more frequently than Facebook, Instagram is a great option to get in front of your audience.

Since Instagram started courting businesses to join (and since it was acquired by Facebook), they’ve developed an advertising platform and a fairly comprehensive “Insights” module where marketers with business pages can see post impressions, location, gender breakdown and even more important information like day and time that followers are most likely to scroll through their feeds. This, in conjunction with a number of advertising options, makes Instagram’s social offering even more appealing to businesses.

So if you’re not on Instagram yet as a B2B business, consider these ways you could incorporate it into your strategy.

Tell Your Brand Story

If you want to help someone remember something, tell them a story. No matter what business you’re marketing, decide on your goals, a theme for your visuals, and start telling the story. Share images of your team hard at work or the latest product you’re working on.

You can also use Instagram’s newest feature, Stories, to broadcast live events or share moments as they happen. This new way to connect creates a sense of urgency with your followers and entices them to check for new brand stories regularly.

Support Your Content Strategy

Instagram is yet another way to distribute content you’re developing, no matter if it’s a blog post, an upcoming webinar, your latest infographic, e-book or whitepaper. You most likely have some type of visual already associated with the content. Add it to Instagram and tell your followers about it. Post a link in your account bio and direct followers there.

Reach a New Audience

Your audience on Instagram isn’t necessarily the same as your audience on other social networks. Your focus on a specific type of imagery—whether it’s a behind the scenes look at how your brand works, or a series of interesting videos or close-up, colorful still images—could draw in new fans and followers, building brand awareness and advancing your goals.

Don’t shy away from Instagram just because it seems a little too B2C. With a little bit of planning it can easily enhance your B2B marketing strategy.