With one last scan of your latest blog post, you release a sigh of relief and pat yourself on the back for another job well done. A brilliant recipe for vegan chocolate chip cookies! People are going to love this! You’re now ready to post it on your website for the vegan masses to enjoy.

You may have created the best content of all time, but does your site entice audiences to actually look at it? Or does it scare them away in search of a competitor who presents it better?

With the great power of incredible content comes an even greater responsibility- the need to display content to viewers in a way that’s appealing, interesting, and optimized for all digital devices.

Content marketing is a powerful way for brands to build their reputation as thought leaders in their industry, as well as to develop relationships with other businesses and consumers. For writers, content is like a precious and delicate baby; it’s your pride and—extremely valuable—joy. However, it’s practically meaningless if your audience isn’t willing to stay on your website and actually read what you have to say.

Google announced in 2011 that 78 percent of users left a site if it wasn’t formatted for the tablet/cell phone/tech device they were using. This means that no matter how amazing your recipe on vegan chocolate chip cookies might be, your audience will never have a chance to read it simply because you didn’t give them one.

As with every other area of our lives, from a picturesque home to an elegant wardrobe, presentation is vital to capturing and holding another person’s attention. But one can’t exist without the other.

In the same way printed news follows a particular set of guidelines for layout and typography, we too should consider standardizing the way in which we visually convey our online content.

From layout and the way your content is organized, to the colors and text styles and sizes you choose, there are a variety of elements that come together to create a beautiful website. By having an aesthetically pleasing site for your audience, they’ll not only stay on your website but most likely come back if you have great content to match it. To get an idea of whether or not your site is optimized for the viewer, take a look at some brands that did it right.