Automation and algorithms aren’t always the best way to reach people. To reach humans we need to break down the barriers between companies and their potential clients. Real, human connection isn’t a revelation, but it’s becoming increasingly more valuable for B2B companies to embrace in an ever-expanding digital world. 


All proceeds will be donated to charitable organizations designated by each speaker.

Natalie Nixon, Ph.D. is a creativity strategist, global keynote speaker and the president of Figure 8 Thinking. She helps leaders apply creativity and foresight to achieve transformative business results and amplify value. Natalie is the author of The Creativity Leap: Unleash Curiosity, Improvisation and Intuition at Work, a regular contributor to INC. and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Learn more at and follow her @natwnixon

Michael Brenner is the former VP of digital marketing at SAP, he’s been a CMO of multiple high-growth startups, is a top content marketing influencer and now runs a fast-growing content marketing agency, Marketing Insider Group. He is also the author of The Content Formula and Mean People Suck. When he’s not running after his four kids, Michael enjoys sharing his experiences and client stories to inspire leaders like you to create growth and impact. 

Gerry Moran is a social media and content marketing strategist who’s worked for large global brands and digital agencies and is the founder of Marketingthink Consulting. He’s spent significant time in hands-on marketing leadership roles with HBO, IKEA, Ralston Purina, Kodak and numerous digital agencies. He spent much of the last decade at SAP and Cognizant, where he built their social media and content strategy, developed social media training programs and helped thousands of professionals and executives with their personal branding strategies. He blogs regularly at

Bill Gullan is the president of Finch Brands and one of the marketplace’s premier brand developers. A world-class speaker, writer and facilitator, Bill’s point of view is highly sought after by clients and in the worlds of media and academia. With a career that spans more than 23 years, his work has influenced the direction of hundreds of brands. Bill has been the prime mover in the development of breakthrough strategies for American Express, AT&T, Conair, Everlast, General Mills, Herman Miller, Jack Daniel’s, Joseph Abboud, Kraft, Nutrisystem, ThinkGeek, Volkswagen and World Wrestling Entertainment, among many others.

Heidi White is the CMO of Navigate. An accomplished marketing leader with both consumer products and professional services experience, Heidi is a true believer that—when it comes to management consulting—different is good. Heidi is an energetic and enthusiastic champion of Navigate’s approach to driving measurable, sustainable impact for clients by focusing on what ultimately drives business performance: the way people work together. Heidi leads brand positioning and strategic marketing programs, and partners with leadership team colleagues to drive effective business development and strive for a consistently superior client experience.

Olivia Armstrong is an associate marketing director at Hencove, where she manages comprehensive marketing programs for B2B companies in the healthcare, technology and professional services industries. In her role at Hencove, Olivia harnesses creativity, her analytical nature and an organized mindset to successfully guide clients in marketing to and communicating with their audiences. She manages and executes a variety of marketing efforts, including websites, brand positioning, media relations, speakers’ bureaus, content development, social media, video and communications strategies.

Laura Spaventa Lewis is the director of marketing at Unusual Ventures and focuses primarily on building the Unusual brand through creative content, PR strategy, messaging and digital marketing. Prior to joining the Unusual team, Laura built the international PR team and strategy at AppDynamics leading up to the eventual acquisition of the company by Cisco for $3.7B. Earlier in her career, Laura worked at Launchsquad, a PR agency, and was one of the original editors of Help a Reporter Out (HARO), a robust database of sources for journalists. Originally from outside of Philadelphia, Laura lives in the Bay Area and graduated from Virginia Tech with a BA in Communication and a BS in Apparel Merchandising.

Jen Cohen Crompton began her marketing career in the Wild West of social media back in the day when Twitter was just rearing its cute little beak. She stayed in the digital realm gaining experience by working with nonprofits and corporate B2B and B2C clients on overall digital strategy. Jen ran workshops and spoke at conferences across the country about the importance of digital marketing and creating positive customer experiences that engage and provide value. Now, Jen works with clients to build customer journey profiles and marry them with strategic, effective content to create multi-touch marketing strategies. 

John Miller founded Scribewise in 2012. Prior to that, he worked for more than a decade in numerous newsrooms before moving into public relations, ultimately becoming a partner at one of Philadelphia’s most successful PR agencies. John excels at branding, content marketing, public relations and social media. His audience-first approach drives messaging and marketing programs that have a dynamic impact for clients. Current and past B2B clients include Cognizant, ADP, Corporate Synergies, Navigate, Vonage Business and eMoney Advisor.

9:00 – 9:10 AM EST
Welcoming Remarks
Bill Conn

9:15 – 9:55 AM EST
Fireside Chat
Natalie Nixon 

Natalie Nixon is the author of The Creativity Leap, one of the top 20 business books of 2020. During this fireside chat, Lauren Milewski, creative director at Scribewise, will interview Natalie and address the need to “let go of our rationality” in order to make marketing more effective, balancing ubiquitous technology while making room for relationships that are uniquely human.

10:00 – 10:30 AM EST
Content is King, Only if Your Kingdom is Interested
Gerry Moran

Forty-eight percent of B2B buyers say they are bored with a brand’s content range—quite a large section of your audience! Too many of today’s brands tell the wrong story, at the wrong time, with no customer focus. In this session, Gerry will review five ways he’s created and used messaging for some of the largest global tech brands to help them capture the attention of their kingdom and stay engaged.

10:30 – 11:00 AM EST
The SEO Delusion
John Miller

SEO-focused marketers may be able to create the illusion of success, but too often they’re playing the wrong game, focused on web traffic instead of helping the business succeed. This session is an examination of why business leaders need to look beyond the typically meaningless metric of website traffic and pivot to building trust-based relationships with their prospects and customers.

11:10 – 11:40 AM EST
What Makes a Great Brand
Bill Gullan 

Bill Gullan will take us through a practical brand development framework—from Purpose and Mission to go-to-market strategy. He will share philosophies, examples and tips for how to activate a brand’s full potential and create an emotional connection with customers.

11:40 AM – 12:10 PM EST
Women in B2B Marketing Panel

Women account for just under 50% of the total U.S. workforce but hold only 6% of CEO roles in Fortune 500/S&P 500 companies. Twenty-three percent of board seats are held by women. While representation is slowly increasing, women still have a long way to go to close the gap. As B2B marketers, this disparity affects both how we work every day and how we advance our careers. Scribewise VP Kaitlin Loyal will moderate this panel and explore gender bias in B2B marketing, how women have worked to advance their careers and how the pandemic could impact these B2B marketers in the future.

Panelists include: Heidi White, CMO, Navigate; Olivia Armstrong, Associate Marketing Director, Hencove; Laura Spaventa Lewis, Director of Marketing, Unusual Ventures; and Jen Cohen Crompton, Writer, Entrepreneur and Speaker. 

12:15 – 1:00 PM EST
Mean People Suck
Michael Brenner 

You probably already know that most consumers hate the marketing they are bombarded with every day. The hard truth is most of the marketing we create doesn’t work. If only our clients would let us do what we do best: Utilize our talents in creativity, design and storytelling that speaks emotionally to real market needs.

Michael Brenner wrote Mean People Suck to show us why empathy is the secret to marketing and client success. In this keynote, you’ll learn:  

  • Why marketing has a marketing problem and how to fix it
  • Why your employees are unhappy and the power of empathy to turn things around
  • How organizational charts disengage employees and clients by neglecting the human element
  • How the future of marketing relies on emotional storytelling for success

1:00 – 1:05 PM EST
Closing Remarks
Bill Conn

Storytelling is our superpower. Our purpose is to humanize complex business conversations, creating connections that help businesses help their customers. This is the “brand dialogue,” and it is fundamental to all business relationships.

We believe that your story is your strategy. Our experienced team of marketers brings a journalistic approach to helping our clients uncover their story, and then tell that story to the right audience at the right time in the right way.